Friday, May 31, 2013


Evangelist Tashara Luster & Minister Jared Honeyman have been called & set apart to minister to the multitudes, crossing all gender, racial, and socioeconomic barriers. Evangelist Luster & Minister Honeyman have their fingers on the pulse of ministering to the hurts of all men and establishing a platform for men to grow, learn, and succeed. Men, who want to take their Kingdom position, heal over brokenness, breakthrough generational curses, and reign in victory over addictions. These two dynamic ministers are vessels to men to proclaim a clarion call for them to take their rightful position of authority and dominion. Evangelist Luster & Minister Honeyman are launching this 30-Day Study about Manhood to help the men of today to become Mighty Men of Valor!

This 30-Day Study will tackle & destroy the hard addictions & strongholds of men. It will establish & build men back to a place of authority in the Kingdom and in their homes. Finally, this 30-Day Study will teach and empower men to understand women and what they really want and need. During this 30-Day Study, men will be encouraged so that they can encourage one another. Evangelist Luster & Minister Honeyman are committed to serving & providing strong brotherhood in the Kingdom. For far too long, the men have been neglected… We have heard the cries of the forgotten and we are committed to taking the Men of God of today to next level living in God.

“Building Men of Purpose, Power, Praise, Prayer, and to be the

Total Man (the Priest of their home)”

Monday, May 27, 2013