Saturday, October 15, 2016


"A Total Marriage Moment with Shara & Shelton Beasley!"

I am rarely if ever sick, but this week, "in sickness & in health" hit our marriage & my body was under attack & the way my husband took care of me & catered to me was beyond amazing! I am literally astonished every day at how much he serves me! I truly feel, see, & experience God loving me through him!

Shelton, you told me a 100 times a day how beautiful I was while sick & even though I didn't see it or feel it, you kept speaking life & love into me! I always believed that you were a great husband, but this week you surpassed anything I could have imagined & became a phenomenal husband! 

When physical pain was so great that it caused me emotional pain, you wiped every tear away! You sat with me & made me laugh, you talked to me, & held my hand the whole time!

I can truly say like King David, "It was Good for Me that I have been Afflicted!"

The Affliction I experienced this week brought us closer & bonded us in a greater & more intimate way! If it wasn't for the affliction, I would not have known how Anointed our marriage was! The afflictions that we all experience in marriage truly reveals the anointing that is within the marriage! 

Today, change your mindset about the afflictions that have befallen your marriage! Press into God & into your spouse & watch God get the glory from it & bless your union! Stay committed to the commitment of your marriage vows no matter the affliction!!

Shelton, I am eternally grateful for your consistent & continual love!

Friday, October 7, 2016


Absolutely Love How Romantic My Husband is Every Day! We just did a week-long challenge to love & do special things for each other without actually spending Money! We could only use our Gifts, Talents, & that which came from & was created from our heart! It is so easy as a couple to simply "run out & buy something when you are trying to do something special for your spouse." It is a whole other level when you have to dig deeply within your soul & completely give all of yourself to your spouse, which is priceless! 

We want to challenge all couples to really love & serve your spouse without the distraction of price tags, but rather the priceless gift of giving "All of You" to your spouse today!

Here is the romantic song my husband dedicated to me during our challenge!! Be Inspired to Love Greater Today!!!



Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Calling All Women to Get this Dynamic Book by my spiritual mother! It will Empower & Transform Your Life!

Empowering Truth: Real Stories About Overcoming Domestic Violence & Abuse

By: Pastor Tina McCrea