Monday, December 10, 2018

Dating After A Divorce

The Hard Questions:

- Why did you get a divorce?
- What are your new expectations?
- Define Marriage: What does it look like to you now?
- What happened in your first marriage?
- Will you compare me to your previous/ex-spouse?
- How do you propose to blend our children and families?
- Prenup: How to protect our new marital assets?
- How have you changed since the divorce... How are you better?
- What have you learned that will help us in our marriage?
- How will your friends & family receive me as your new spouse?
- How will you integrate me into a world that your ex once lived in with you?
- Can I talk to your previous spouse...Are you two still friends?
- Can I see your Divorce Decree?
- What are some of your unresolved issues & left-over mentality about your first marriage?

- What are some of your fears & concerns?


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