Thursday, February 7, 2019


All month long we will be sharing some great tips & advice on love, relationships, dating, marriage, intimacy, & so much more! 

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Are you believing things about relationships that simply aren’t true?
Find out the real deal about relationships & start getting & having the love you deserve!

Relationship Myths

1.      90 Day Rule… “All the Way to The Altar Rule”

2.      Cohabitation/Shacking is better… 75% of these couples end in divorce

3.      Premarital Counseling is a waste of time and money

4.      I will be happy once I get married

5.      I should get married because I got pregnant

6.      I am lonely so I should get married

7.      He/she will change when we get married

8.      Sex is greater in dating than in marriage

9.      I know they are the one because I just feel it

10.  Marriage is for everyone

11.   I am over 35, I am never going to get married so I might as well settle for Mr./Mrs. Right Now

12.  The man holds all the power to where the relationship is going

13.  It is impossible to stay married to the same person for the rest of your life

14.  Keeping secrets or not revealing who I really am will help me get married sooner

15.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t get along with my girlfriend/boyfriend’s family

16.  His or Her jealousy lets me know how much they love me

17.  I should be my girl/boyfriend’s only friend and they should spend all their time with me

18.  I should be the only woman that he finds attractive

19.  It’s ok for the woman to pursue and propose to the man

20.  The passion & love we have while dating will never fade, but intensify in marriage

21.  I only feel fulfilled as long as I am in a relationship

22.  All men are dogs… there are no good men left


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