Friday, February 8, 2019


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Are you believing things about Marriage that simply aren’t true?

Find out the real deal about Marriage & Realistic Expectations & start having the marriage relationship that you have dreamed of & desired!

Marriage Myths:

1.     Marriage is an endless supply of sex.

2.     Marriage is 50/50.

3.     Marriage is tit-for-tat… it is ok to keep score in marriage.

4.     Marriage was created to make/keep me happy.

5.     Don’t go to bed angry… every issue has to be resolved that night.

6.     We should stay married because of the kids.

7.     All you need is love to make a marriage work.

8.     My spouse needs to change, if they changed then our marriage would be great.

9.     Sex & Money are the #1 reasons why people get divorced… no the reasons are unrealistic expectations & unmet needs/expectations and lack of communication.

10.  Cheating or adultery is ok in marriage, it will help my marriage.

11.  My spouse should just know what I want & need.

12.  My wife will look like she looked on our wedding day every day of our marriage.

13.  If I get a divorce, my 2nd marriage will be better… no 2nd marriages are 65% more likely to end in divorce.

14.  It is ok to tell my marital business to my friends.

15.  Conflict means we don’t love each other & our marriage is bad.

16.  Marriage should not be difficult or hard work.

17.  Just because it is important to me, it should be important to my spouse.

18.  If I nag him enough he will do what I want him to do.

19.  Marriage can’t survive infidelity.

20.  My spouse just has to deal with my bad habits… they knew this about me when they married me.

21.  You should always feel loving toward your spouse.

22.  Love should consistently feel the same way.


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