Saturday, February 9, 2019


If you are struggling today with loneliness in your singleness, in your relationship, or even in your marriage, there is Hope! 

Loneliness is never really about a person or about people, but rather it’s about you really Pursuing your Purpose. The “loneliness” you feel is coming from a place deep inside of you that desires more from God, Purpose, & Life, not from a person or from people.

Another human being can’t cure your loneliness, only being who you are
Called to be in God can deliver you from the “feelings of loneliness.”

When you love yourself & when you are happy, fulfilled, & satisfied within yourself, then there can be a compliment of love in a relationship because you both are whole. 

A relationship not even a Marriage relationship will Not Complete you, because it is not supposed to... God didn’t design love & marriage for that, but you can be complete in God!

You can still “feel lonely” even in a crowd of people that’s because loneliness is not about people, but about Purpose! Stop relying on people to validate you & dictate how you feel about yourself & about your life. Never give anyone that level of power & control over you!

Get focused on Purpose & watch loneliness dissipate from your life.


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