Monday, February 18, 2019

This Week’s Love Assignments for Husbands & Wives!!!!

Love Assignment: Wives this week don’t focus on the faults or shortcomings of your husbands. Encourage him even when he fails, & show him tangibly & with words of affirmation that you are loyal and supportive of him. Make your home a castle and safe haven for your husband. Ask him what you can do to make your home better and do it for him. Wives be rest assured that one of your husband’s greatest desires is to make you happy. Help him & yourself get to a place of peace & happiness!

Love Assignment: Husbands this week give your wife a day off from domestic (household) chores & duties. Give her a free day. Also, ask your wife what chore you can do to help around the house weekly. Make sure your wife knows you love her and that she is a priority in your life. This week set your schedule around the needs of your wife showing her that she matters most. Always be a man of your word & vows. Be romantic & give gifts & compliments this week. Do something you have never done before this week for your wife.


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